OUR investment approach

Ascend was founded on the belief that improving care quality and clinical success takes more than just financial capital - it requires the empowerment of physicians and patient communities through compassion, humility, and understanding. At Ascend, we are investing to support physicians with better resources, coordination, operational support, and technology to deliver the exceptional care we believe every patient and family should have access to.

Ascend is dedicated to partnering with entrepreneurs and companies that are working to improve the lives of patients and providers. In our commitment to improving the access, affordability, and quality of healthcare, Ascend seeks to overcome the fragmentation of care-delivery through an integrated operational strategy and a growth-oriented investment approach.

Ascend's Differentiated Approach to Investing in Healthcare Companies

focus on underserved communities

Improving the access, affordability, and quality of healthcare for underserved populations.

physician leadership

Investing in physician-led, community-leading groups in structurally fragmented healthcare services markets. Ascend seeks to align provider and stakeholder incentives through an operating team that empowers and encourages physician leadership.

Operational Expertise and Financial Resources

Leveraging an aligned combination of operational expertise and financial resources to deliver a growth-oriented investment approach. Ascend's operating team, formed to closely support its portfolio companies, consists of senior leaders with deep expertise across the healthcare services ecosystem.

Coordinated Approach to Care Delivery, Backed by Data, Integration, and Incentive Alignment

Employing outcome-based care at scale, driven by a focus on improving outcomes and reducing wasted spending. Ascend provides durable, scalable infrastructure across clinical quality improvement, finance, IT, compliance, and other function areas to help empower physicians to deliver a quality-focused, consistent, and predictable care model.

Ascend's Value Creation with Portfolio Companies


Increase Provider Satisfaction

Allow Greater Clinical Engagement

Retain Talent, Experience, and Expertise

Collaboration Across Patient Care Continuum

Evolve Companies' Operating Models to Foster Future Scalability


Increase Quality Scores

Improve Clinical Documentation & Coding Accuracy

Manage Utilization and Control Cost of Care

Reward Companies and Providers Based On Quality of Care

Avoid Unnecessary, Repetitive Services That Increase Costs of Care


Add Attributed Lives and Providers

Understand Resources to Navigate Continuity of Care

Improve Key Performance Metrics

Improve Patient Outcomes, While Reducing Healthcare Costs

Meeting the Needs of Today's Patients by Implementing Coordinated, Efficient Healthcare Ecosystems

ASCEND IS TRANSFORMING FRAGMENTED, episodic, reactive care...

Lack of centralized focus on the patient leads to disjointed care experience and increased cost


Ascend aims to provide the right care in the right place at the right time for all patients

Ascend offers an integrated solution optimizing the provider care model with focused population health tools and support.

Improving quality and lowering costs through multi-site practice management, data analytics, value-based care enablement, and population health management.

Ascend Works Closely with Portfolio Companies to Optimize Performance

Ascend Management Services Organization & Operating Team

  • Quality and reporting 
  • Compliance
  • Data Aggregation / Analysis 
  • Payor Contracting 
  • Claims Administration 
  • Coding 
  • Billing and Collections 
  • Care Management
  • Population Health Management
  • Financial Reporting
  • Credentialing

Ascend Management Services Organization & Operating Team